Refilling of Fire Extinguishers

Why Refilling?

According to the Fire Code, extinguishers need to be tested every year and recharged (refilled) one due date. Don't be caught with a defective fire extinguisher. All Fire System offers onsite extinguisher refill for most makes and models. Fire extinguisher maintenance is one of the most important maintenance routines. Extinguishers must be ready to act whenever needed.

Installation of Fire Protection System


All of our mechanical and electrical installation technicians are expertly trained in their specialties, and they are well known experienced to install the system as per site location and requirement. All Fire System have latest tools , machinery and technology to ensure that each new system is properly installed according to the approved design specifications..

Project Consultancy


As Fire Consultants, Engineers & Contractors will evolve best design from the initial stage to completion and facilitate to provide “NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE” from Fire Department and we will give you the guidelines for other compulsory points those works are completed by other contractors i.e. Civil, Plumbing, Electrical, Generator, Tube well, Lift, etc. which are necessary to obtain “NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE” from Fire Department.


All Fire System gives real training to people and organisations with emergency situations. As a world leader in fire and safety systems we know that one of our most important services is in emergency response training, because the impact of a crisis can be substantially reduced when people are trained to respond appropriately to it.

Maintenance of Systems

All fire protection equipment must be serviced and maintained. Our team of service personnel are able to maintain all types and makes of fire safety system and equipment's and provide free advice. For your safety and reassurance, all service work is carried out properly. All service personnel are fully trained and qualified within their respective field.

Drawings & Schemes

All Fire System helps clients in making drawing and schemes according to building as per National Building code. Drawing are prepared on computers. Wet Riser Down comer Pipe lines layouts, Fire alarm schematic design, Sprinkler System are mentioned graphically and with detailed symbols according to which work is done properly which saves time and money.